Innovation Center

2023 Speakers and Mentors


Making quantum
information tangible

Paul Kassebaum, Ph.D. 

Technical Director, Global Public Sector, SandboxAQ

After his doctoral studies in theoretical physics at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Paul began working at MathWorks, where he made a role for himself supporting customers at large experimental physics installations as they applied machine learning methods to the control of their instruments and analysis of their observations. Later, he took up a role at IBM’s quantum computing division where he formed technical partnerships with global system integrators to stand up teams able to create new intellectual property on use cases of near-term noisy and future fault-tolerant quantum computers. Currently, he is the public sector technical director at SandboxAQ, where he directs the technical development of proposals and their delivery in the areas of quantum communications, sensing, and simulation.

WORKSHOP: Getting Started with Qiskit and more

Facilitated by Sven Travis
Associate Professor, Parsons School of Design

WORKSHOP: Spooky Action at a Distance

Leffin John Christopher, Parsons, MFA Design and Technology ’23

Hi I’m Leffin. I have a background in Engineering, Finance and Design. Graduated from MFA DT this May and am currently focussing on making interactive art installations (Got one coming up In late November in the ART, DESIGN + AI EXHIBITION to be hosted by Parsons). In my free time, I like to go rock-climbing, motorcycling or finding new places around the city to chill in. 

Julia Daser, Parsons, BFA Design and Technology ’25

Hi, I’m Julia, a current third-year student in the Design and Technology BFA program at Parsons. In and out of class I love to tinker with kinetic hardware and physical computing projects!

  • Lin Zhou, CIO, and Senior Vice Present
  • Daniel Sauter, Professor of Data Visualization, Parsons School of Design, The New School
  • Maya Georgieva, Director, Innovation Center, The New School

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